Thursday, April 27, 2017

I Needed Fun

I needed some fun, so I did two more apple drawings. These are very enjoyable to do. My hatching was done as neatly.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

30 Day Brush Pen Challenge

The brush pen challenge has not been happening. Even though I am less than enamored with it, I'm going to try and get back on track, since consistent habit yields progress. This morning, I drew my teapot two ways, one with the brush pen and one without.

Drawing 7 - teapot

This goofy little teapot continues to be hard for me to draw. It is wider than it is tall, not that you can tell that from my drawings!  Also in the hatched one, I tried to capture the values, but I am off. It's hard.  The teapot is a dark cobalt blue, so I have troubles seeing the minor changes in values. Next time, I might cheat by first trying to see it for myself and checking that against a black and white photo.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

That Was Fun

I watch this video of Crosshatching with Tommy Kane on the Sketchbook Skool blog and did this drawing.

It was really, really fun to do. Building up values in this way made sense to me as a way to create shape. It also looks way cooler than my usual scribbly lines.

I still need to leave my light values even lighter!! It is much less frustrating to realize this on a four minute drawing than on a painting.

Drawing While In Class

Yesterday, I was in training all day. I could not get a good view of an empty chair, so instead I work on a several quick sketches of people. I liked this one better before I added any facial features.

When I opened up my sketchbook to start this sketch, I realized that I never posted some of the sketches from the conference that I attended 1 1/2 weeks ago.

My goal is to sketch, so I don't lay things about very well on the paper and different sketches run into each other. The top picture is actually a combination of two separate sketches. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Concert Sketches

I went to 2-night concert on Saturday and Sunday night. Since I didn't get much art making done this weekend, I took the opportunity to do some sketching. The stage was way beyond my skill. The musicians weren't much easier, but it was fun to try. Here are several attempts.



Also, I worked on a sketch of a couple in one of the box seats before the show started on the Sunday night.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Observation and Annoyance

This past fall, I replaced a car that I had owned for 17 years with a different brand of car. Not that long after I purchased the new brand of car, I started noticing this brand out of the corner of my eye everywhere. I am talking about the brand, not just my specific model. On their own, my eyes have figured out some of the unique features of this brand, my eyes zero in on these features, and my brain says "oh, yes, that vehicle is the same brand as yours". This has not been conscious on my part. Today at the gas station, it happened and as the SUV drove away, I looked at the back portion of the car and consciously looked for and saw the brand-specific similarities.

Eyes and their ability to see are pretty amazing. When I'm looking at a drawing or painting and my eyes immediately zero in on what is wrong, it doesn't always seem so amazing, but as I notice more and think about it, it makes more sense why this is happening.

That's today's observation, now for the annoyance.

This painting is annoying me. The left side of the face does not work. I struggled with the shape, values, colors, all of it. I'm rusty. I'm also trying to paint from a small tablet, rather than from color copies. The colors on the tablet are better, but source material is much smaller. These are the minor annoyances. The big annoyance is that I tried to fix the nose and mouth with gesso. The worst part is adding back the line that separates the top of the mouth which goes half-way up the nose. It looks awful and stands out, not in a good way. I need to remember to never do this again!

I could go back and fix the whole thing, but it's on paper so I'm just going to more on, instead.

Friday, April 21, 2017

30 Day Brush Pen Challenge - Recap 2

On purpose, I tried to sketch the items on one shelf above the sink. This drawing is fairly small and was done with the brush pen.  Blah.

Day 5 - shelf with object
This is the bathroom sink. This was a good scene to draw.  Usually, I sketch one single object. I want to work on more "scenes". This offered the right amount of detail to tackle.

Day 6 - bathroom sink
It's been a difficult to share these drawings on the blog. This one is the first one that I feel even remotely good about. It's easy to become self-conscious. However, the intent of this blog is to not present "the good stuff". It's about documenting it all. It gives me an easy way to look back and, also, gives me the freedom to discard a sketchbook when I'm done with it.

At the same time, I think my ability to see and notice is getting better and more varied. When I first started all of this, an individual object just looked like one big, overall shape to me. Slowly over time, I am starting to see nuances in different ways. With painting and trying to capture values, I'm learning to see shapes within shapes. Blind contour drawing or pseudo-blind contour drawing has helped me notice edges and the outer shapes of things. More and more, I notice shapes within the negative space that falls between object. Recently, I can feel myself switch between looking at the edges of things and looking at the negative space between objects. It's pretty cool stuff. It's better to not let any self-consciousness take over. Instead, I need to just keep at it and welcome any new changes and discoveries.